No! Commonly known as “Brotox,” men may utilize neuromodulator injections for the same reasons as women to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What do Kleenex and Scotties have in common? They are both tissue paper brands. Similarly, you could use the same example with Dysport and Botox as they are both brand-name neuromodulators. Their action mechanism is the same; they both block signals from the nerve to the muscles to inhibit contraction. In our experience, Dysport has a quicker onset and has fewer side effects. Contact us for more information!

There is very little evidence available on the safety of Botox/Dysport while pregnant or breastfeeding. To err on the side of caution, we do not offer these treatments to pregnant or breastfeeding clients.

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Neuromodulators block the nerve activity in the injected muscle. By blocking nerve activity, the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles become relaxed. You will still be able to display a variety of expressions. A consultation with our team will focus on getting you the look you desire!


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